Our FAQs explain what you can expect

Why would I need Design Lines services?

You have an idea for a sewn soft goods product but you need help bringing it to life. We have the skills to develop your concept from a rudimentary sketch to a factory-ready prototype.

Are my ideas and product concepts kept confidential?

All the materials you provide to Design Lines and all our communications are kept in strict confidence. We are happy to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement, before we talk, to safe guard your intellectual property.

Once I make contact, what happens next?

You will communicate your project details through the Product Brief, sketches/renderings, features list and market research you have done. Then, we will prepare an estimate for designing and building your prototype. If you would like to move forward, you send us the deposit, shown on the estimate.

How in-depth is the estimate?

Our estimates are broken down into categories of work: Concept Development; Sourcing; Pattern Creation; Prototype Construction, and Bill of Materials. A range of estimated hours and costs for the project will be presented. The scope of the work will be outlined for clarity as to what is included and what is not.

After you receive the deposit, what’s next?

We will have discussions to nail down all the specific details involved to design and create your soft goods prototype. Then we will do any necessary research, source materials, create CAD patterns and construct your prototype.

How long does the process take?

Project timelines may take several weeks to several months, depending on design complexity, availability of materials, and if more than one prototype is needed, to refine your final factory-ready prototype.

What is included with the finished factory-ready prototype?

You’ll receive the factory-ready physical prototype and the patterns (hard copy and/or digital format) needed for the manufacturing process. You will also receive a Table with specifications of each pattern piece and a Webbing List.

What format are the patterns supplied in?

Our Optitex Pattern Design Software has a proprietary format, which requires the software to read. We can supply you with digital patterns in the Optitex native format and full-sized patterns plotted on paper. In addition, we can convert your patterns into other digital file formats. We suggest you wait to order patterns until you can ask your manufacturer which file format they work with.

Do you offer additional services and assistance for manufacturing?

Once your factory-ready prototype is complete, we offer production consulting, which may include: compiling a complete Bill of Materials for your soft goods prototype, provide knowledge of domestic and overseas factories, evaluation of factory-sewn samples representing your prototype to insure proper quality, construction and materials, and communication of product construction requirements to your factory. We can construct additional samples of your final prototype if needed.

What are my options for fabrics and hardware?

While getting exactly the right color and type of fabrics or trims is relatively easy when ordering in volumes for production, many vendors may only provide evaluation samples. We see prototyping as a means to nail down the exact design and function of your product (perfect patterns and construction details), while some of the fine tuning of materials is most efficiently handled through your manufacturer. We’re happy to work with you to track down vendors that supply appropriate materials.

Need more details or info?

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