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Designer and Owner Brent Harris

Founded by Soft Goods Designer Brent Harris, Design Lines, LLC is a design studio specializing in soft goods product design and prototyping.

Brent’s design career spans 35 years, with over 500 products reaching a variety of industry markets. Brent has helped clients – ranging from industry professionals to first-time entrepreneurs – take their initial concepts to finished, production-ready prototypes.

Elegant design, purposeful features and clean styling are the touchstones of Brent’s process.

Brent answers the critical questions that make for more comfortable handles, better shock absorption in computer bags and more effective design features critical to a product’s success. Brent has combined these and other key design elements into many award winning products.

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“In design, the thing to strive for is elegance. An expression of this comes from solving the most complex problems with the simplest solutions.”

My initial inspiration for design came from the camping and hiking adventures I took with my family when I was growing up. At 14, I designed and sewed my first backpack. I wanted to address the shortcomings of gear for the outdoor lifestyle. Later, I completed a four-year apprenticeship in pattern making, sewing, and manufacturing processes specific to outdoor soft goods design. At 26, I opened my own shop, Brentley Software, creating custom outdoor gear. Eventually that became Brenthaven, which developed into a well-established tech gear company.

At Design Lines, I bring that experienced creativity to your product. I move your product from initial concept to a finished, production-ready prototype while providing personalized, one-on-one support along the way.

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Serving entrepreneurs, industrial design firms, outdoor lifestyle companies, pet, auto & travel companies, and business start-ups.

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