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Welcome to the Design Lines Gallery, your window into Brent Harris's soft goods design history. These photographs are but a few of the 500-plus products that have kept Brent busy for more than 35 years. These views into Brent's productivity and talent can help you envision how Design Lines, LLC can meet your design needs. From basic travel accessories to high-end technical backpacks and so much more, our design and prototype services can turn your idea into an innovative consumer product.

Outdoor, Sports and Recreation
Are you an outdoor enthusiast, sports or recreation buff who knows that your world would be better if you could only buy a product that . . . ? Do you know that your idea, if it was really available, would elevate your activity to a new level? Brent has designed technical backpacks, frame and soft packs, day packs, hydration packs, waist/lumbar packs, sports-specific backpacks and gear, pack rain covers, ski bags, bottle holders, stuff sacks, totes, accessories and so much more. Here are a few of Brent's many designs.

Town and Travel
Around-the-town or out-of-town, your day is made easier by innovative products that help keep you organized and efficient with your time. Whether you are looking after your child or protecting your electronic devices, your idea may be the one that everyone needs. Brent has designed briefcases, computer cases, laptop backpacks, urban packs and bags, pouches, purses, totes, shoulder bags, camera bags, travel packs, duffel bags, luggage, passport cases, toiletry kits, wallets, packing aids, child care packs and so much more. Here are a few of Brent's many designs.

Automobile Accessories
You know better than anyone how to pack your car for the road. And there is always that one spot where you wish you could put that bag . . . that hasn't been invented yet. Brent has designed automotive products including seat covers, map/atlas holders, pouches, gear bags, seat back organizers, hydration systems and customized bags and pouches for RV's, 4WD vehicles and motorcycles. Here are a few of Brent's many designs.

Pet Products
By the end of your puppy's first year, it will be the equivalent of a seven-year-old child. Your kitten will be 15. That's why your product idea needs the speed and talent of a seasoned designer. Make your pet, and everyone else's, comfortable and happy. Soon. Brent has designed pet products that include collars, dog packs, beds and seat covers. Here are a few of Brent's many designs.

School Accessories
Notebooks and textbooks can be cumbersome and unruly. Toss in a few pens and pencils, a ruler and maybe a computer and you've got a mess for anybody at any age. Is your idea for a school accessory bag ready for market? Brent can help with designs in kids backpacks, rolling backpacks, tote bags, laptop cases and backpacks, portfolio cases, pen cases, binder covers and organizers. Here are a few of Brent's many designs.

Emergency Services
The hard-working men and women in Emergency Services tend to be hard on their gear. That's why your soft goods product idea needs Brent's experience with ballistic nylon, cordura, high density polyethylene, thermoplastics, silicone impregnated nylon, eva foam, stretch woven and spacer mesh fabrics, Duraflex and Fastex buckles, YKK zippers and more. Brent has designed Emergency Services bags, packs and accessories for paramedics, police, search and rescue, backcountry first aid, ski patrol and urban and wildland fire departments. We hope to have some photos up soon.

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