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Design Lines LLC - Prototyping Services for Sewn Products and Soft Goods


Design Objective

New Sewn Product Design Services by Soft Goods Designer Brent Harris

Brent's objective in any design is to create elegant products with purposeful features highlighted by clean, attractive styling. When evaluating a client's needs and a new product's intended use, there are many things to consider. When designing great products, Brent balances the following aspects in order to yield outstanding results:

  • simpler solutions are usually better solutions
  • features that are sensible and purposeful
  • function blends smoothly with styling
  • styling that is clean and attractive
  • minimize impact on environment
  • easy to construct
  • tasteful colors
  • cost effective

For a window into Brent's design work, be sure to visit our Gallery.

To help your idea become an innovative product creation, Contact Brent Harris at Design Lines, LLC today for soft goods design ranging from basic travel accessories to high-end technical backpacks.

In design, the thing to strive for is elegance. An expression of this comes from
solving the most complex problems with the simplest solutions.

Design Lines Owner and Soft Goods Designer Brent Harris

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