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Design Lines LLC - Prototyping Services for Sewn Products and Soft Goods


About Design Lines, LLC

Sewn Product Design Company Offering Design and Prototype Services for the Soft Goods Industry

The story of Design Lines, LLC begins with the history of Brent Harris.

From backpack design to wide-ranging soft goods design, Brent Harris's design career spans more than 35 years. With over 500 products reaching over 25 industry markets, Brent's productivity and talent stem from his versatility and his constant inspiration.


Product Designer Brent HarrisBrent's first backpack design inspiration came from the camping and hiking adventures he often took with his family. Designing and sewing that first backpack at 14 years old, Brent gravitated toward the outdoor life and toward solving the shortcomings of the outdoor gear that made that life. In 1975, Brent started his four year apprenticeship in pattern making, sewing and the manufacturing processes specific to outdoor soft goods design. By 1979, Brent had opened his own shop, Brentley Software, creating custom outdoor gear.

With his continued outdoor adventures, curiosity and creativity, Brent developed methods that led to more streamlined production. By 1984, Brentley Software had become Brentley Softpacks, a move that reflected the expanded production staff of 12 producing a retail line of outdoor gear with over 100 items. Brentley products often became the treasured possessions of those who purchased them.

Ten years later, Brent's designs had became so popular that his work attracted investors who were able to run the business thus freeing Brent to focus exclusively on the design future of the company. Brent answered the critical questions that made for more comfortable handles, better shock-absorption in computer bags and more effective design features critical to product success. Under the Brenthaven brand, Brent combined these and other key design elements into what became award winning products.

From Mobile Computing Magazine, Brent's designs won "Best of the Year" three years in a row.

Now through Design Lines, LLC, Owner and Soft Goods Designer Brent Harris brings that same award winning creativity to your project. Elegant design, purposeful features, clean and attractive styling, Brent can move your product from initial concept to a finished, production ready prototype while providing personalized, one-on-one support all along the way.

Contact Design Lines, LLC today for your soft goods design needs.


Design Lines, LLC
401 Seventh Street, Suite 17
Petaluma, CA 94952
Loft 707.776.2794
Cell 415.450.8555
E-mail Brent Harris

"I worked with Brent to produce a prototype of my idea based on rudimentary
sketches. With careful and patient professionalism, he executed
my concept brilliantly creating a model of my product I can take to market.
I recommend Mr. Harris as a skilled craftsman and practical designer of outdoor gear.
The high quality and collaborative style of his work combined with his wealth of experience
make him and Design Lines, LLC valuable partners to anyone working in the industry."

Robert Brunwin

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